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Code Array is a Pakistan-based
custom software development and digital marketing agency

What we do

Effective solution for every businesses

Original Ideas
We work with clients from all over the world. We had worked with and serving over 50 customers and many global companies across 10 countries in the world.
Unique designs
Pixel-perfect replication of the designers is intended for both front-end & back-end developers to build their pages with greater comfort thanks to the higher customizability as well as flexibility.

We design & build brands, campaigns and digital projects for businesses.

Code Array a passionate, optimistic & dedicated team who takes up obligations with utmost enthusiasm and see to it that we complete our tasks in time. At Code Array, we have an extraordinary measure of determination to accomplish our objectives. Our positive and arranged approach in things we do is what is driving us towards our success. As we strive for flawlessness in things, we expect the same from others also. In the event that things escape from control, we go an extra mile and contribute our efforts, in getting things done in time.

UI/UX 85%
Ideas 80%
Marketing 90%
Mobile Apps 95%
Web Design and Development 90%
Graphics 85%

Our Story | We Deliver What We Promise

The company that started back in 2015 with an aim to bring jobs to the people of Pakistan in the IT sector. Code Array worked really hard to achieve its goals. But as they say, life is never as simple as the words, Code Array had to face many ups and downs during its startup time. There was a time when Code Array was at the peak in Nov 2016, it suddenly lost all its glory for some reasons. The graph of the company came down from 100 to 10 in just week times.
That was one of the most crucial time for the company. Most of the employed left the company due to its sudden unsuitability. The company that was started with a great aim and dream just came to a dream again. With no employees and zero cash in the company’s account, Code Array once again lifted off with the same dream and same goals as it had before. But this time with different plans.
New employees joined the company. It was their goodwill that they were willing to support the company in such tough conditions.
With efforts of all, Code Array started its business again in its field. Code Array came up with its own Product code name Project Alpa in Feb 2017. Code Array was so proud company, as it was selected for the presentation and exhibition in Mobile World Congress that was held in Shanghai China in June 2017. It was the only Company from Pakistan to reach that Platform. Code Array is now working on its product that has an aim to achieve the concept of smart cities where every single person is connected to every single point of the town.
Moreover, Code Array is also offering great IT Services worldwide, that includes Mobile Application Development, Web App, Social Media Marketing, UI/UX Designs, Graphics Designs, Server Side developments and more. Find out more about our services.

How We Do

Creative procedure

study the problem and general materials to find out creative concepts.
quickly translate the visions into reality and patent possible approaches.
release approaches out into the world, submit it to criticism & adaptation.

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